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What is ArtBike?

ArtBike is a fundraiser and art show in support of the Copper Harbor Trails. We partner with a wide variety of artists to create fantastic works of art based on our trails and community.  Artists display their passion for the trails with ink, computers, paint, cameras, or whatever medium suits them (we've seen just about everything!).  Each artist creates a unique poster design based on a specific theme. What they create is up to them!

Artists have free range to showcase their favorite experiences while riding Copper Harbor.  Our artists donate their time, talent, and an original submission for the cause. A limited number of each poster is printed on super-high-quality archival paper for longterm viewing at home, the office, or your own personal bike barn.  A single large poster is mounted on a wood backing and sold at silent auction throughout the summer to wrap up at the Copper Harbor Trails Fest.  Posters are sold at CHTC events hosted throughout the summer and online during the winter months.  Each year, ArtBike raises well over $10,000 for our trails and is the perfect way to showcase your love for our trails.

All posters are limited edition and once they're gone, they're gone for good.  Get 'em while you can!  We never reprint a poster once it has been sold out, even for our most popular varieties.  Posters are $25 each and all proceeds go right back into supporting the trails.

Leftover posters can be bought online here!

ArtBike Archive

We've had several dozen amazing pieces over the years, each unique and special in their own way.  The amount of creativity from our artists is incredible!  Most of our posters have sold out long ago and are now tucked away in private art galleries across the nation.  In case you missed some old favorites, you can check them all out by year below. 

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