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Copper HarborBig Boy Clinic


Take your riding to the next level.


registration for the 2024 Clinic will open February 1 at 7:00 PM Eastern Time!

More details about the 2024 clinic will be updated later in the winter. Until then, check the 2023 details below. Some things may change.

Welcome to the Copper Harbor Big Boy Clinic!  The Big Boy Clinic is open to sophisticated gentlemen, grizzled old farts, strapping young bucks, proverbial big boys, and anyone who identifies as a man. The clinic is designed for riders of all backgrounds, ages (over 18), and skill levels.  Anyone who is interested in significantly improving their skills and enjoying three days of learning from the best coaches around on the Copper Harbor Trails will fit in.  Proceeds from the event go back to help build and maintain awesome singletrack in Copper Harbor. 

The clinic begins the morning of Friday, June 7th and finishes the afternoon of Sunday June 9th (exact times subject to change). Each day will have a combination of drills and skill building, trail riding to reinforce those drills, and some free ride time with the coaches in a more free-form atmosphere. We will be in groups of 7-9 with at least two coaches per group (one head, one assistant). Coaches will rotate through the groups throughout the weekend so you get a variety of perspectives and teaching styles.  On Sunday you get to pick which coach you ride with for dedicated training in a variety of fields, from jumps to drops to climbing and more.  We have clinic photographers, so dress to impress because you never know when your image might be chosen for a billboard, poster, or this page's cover shot!

Cost for the clinic is $395.  This includes 2.5 days of instruction with some of the best coaches in the business, tasty lunches and snacks each day, coffee and breakfast bakery one of the mornings, bonus evening hangouts and info sessions with coaches, swag, and more.  A portion of the proceeds from the event help support the Copper Harbor Trails, making our system even better for your next visit.

Our lodging sponsor is the Bella Vista Motel.  Please book there and tell them you are part of the clinic and you will get the spring season rates plus they will donate $15 for each room night we book. Stay there to help support the Copper Harbor Trails Club!  

Bike Gear: You need a bike that can handle singletrack mountain bike trails and a helmet.  Pads are never a bad idea but are not required.  If you are deciding on pedals, go flat as this will help advance your skills faster than clipless.  Full suspension bikes will be more comfortable, but by all means, if all you have is a hardtail then don't feel like you have to upgrade to join.  Any bike from the past several years with front suspension will be more than plenty to get you through.  Perhaps the most important piece of gear for your bike you can invest in is a dropper post.  If you do not have one yet, strongly consider upgrading to speed up your downhill transitions, stability, and all around comfort on the bike.  At minimum, a quick release adjustable seat post is a must.  Don't be that guy who needs five minutes before every hill to adjust your seat because we will leave you behind.

Watch the weather and be prepared: we ride rain or shine.  In 2018 our weekend ended with the unimaginable Father's Day flood that struck the Keweenaw, dumping 5-7" of rain across the region in a matter of hours.  The trails were very wet but we rode on.  Our trails are built sustainably and are constructed on rock, meaning they never close.

Clinic or registration related questions can be directed to Nathan Miller at


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