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Trail Status

Current Trail Status: all open!

It's summer! Conditions are just about perfect as long as the intermittent rain keeps up.  A little dry maybe but nothing too sketchy.  Our Trail Maintenance Crew also has been polishing things up steadily, from raking out berms to lopping back brush.  Enjoy the ride, there's nothing significant to note here!

Our trails do stay open in the rain, so ride without fear.  Winter damage is so much worse than anything you can do on a drizzly day.

Some new trails are under construction, while occasional maintenance takes place on existing trails.  Be sure to scroll through the list below to get an idea of what's being worked on.  Even if this list is not 100% up-to-date (we try!), if you see signs for a closed trail while out riding please steer clear and come back another day.

Trail By Trail Status

Check out our full list of trails below and what the status of each is for the 2023 season. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

Last update: August 31, 2023

Brockway & Core Trails

  • Black Bear: Open!
  • Blue Trail: Open!
  • Bullwinkle: Open!
  • Cabin Life: Open!
  • Chipmunk Run: Open!
  • Copper Harbor Loop: Open!
  • Daisy Dukes: Open!
  • Dancing Bear: Open!
  • Danimal: Open!
  • Dza Beet: Open!
  • East Woopidy Woo: Open!
  • The Flow: Open!
  • Flying Squirrel: Open!
  • Garden Brook: Open!
  • Jim Rooks: Open!
  • Kamikaze: Open!
  • Keweenaw Point Trail (Manganese to Mud Lake): Open!
  • Keweenaw Point Trail (Mud Lake to East Bluff): Open! The boardwalk near East Bluff is temporary and will be replaced soon.
  • Little Loon: Open!
  • Ma Maki: Open!
  • Mango: Open!
  • Moose on the Loose: Open!
  • On The Edge: Open!
  • Orchard Trail: South side open, north side closed for construction.
  • Overflow: Open!
  • Paul's Plunge: Open!
  • Raptor Ridge: Open!
  • Red Trail: Open!
  • Say Hello: Open!
  • Snowshoe Trail: Open!
  • Simeh: Open!
  • West Woopidy Woo: Open!

East Bluff & Tiplands

  • Bluejay Picnic: Open!
  • Citrus Tech: Open!
  • Dueling Banjos: Open!
  • Early Riser: Open!
  • Eh Horizon: Open!
  • Flo'Rion: Open!
  • Highlands: Open!
  • Keweenaw Point Trail (East Bluff to Mandan): Open!
  • Keweenaw Point Trail (Mandan to High Rock Bay): Open!
  • Keweenaw Point Trail (Phase 3.1, Schlatter to Keystone): Closed. Do not ride until construction is complete.
  • Loam Rider: Open!
  • Magic Carpet: Open!
  • Summer School: Open!
  • Weathertop: Open! A bit wet near the lower Magic Carpet intersection.
  • Whipsaw: Open!

Hiking Trails

  • Stairway to Heaven: Cleared
  • Der We Went: Cleared
  • Here We Go: Cleared
  • MNA Hiking Trail: Cleared

Access updates

There are no new access issues at this time.  We may close trails periodically through the season for construction and/or maintenance.  Notices will be posted here, on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and on Trailforks.

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