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Trail Status

Current Trail Status: CLOSED for winter. See details below.

The Copper Harbor Trails are closed for mountain biking for winter.  We have received 200"+ of snow this season, all of which needs to melt before we can open.  We do not yet have an ETA on when our trails will open due to the unpredictability of the spring melt.  It could be early because Lake Superior didn't freeze over... or we could get pummeled by a few more snowstorms and our opening gets pushed back.  We'll have a better idea of when our trails will be open in early/mid-April. 

Even if the weather cooperates, we still need to clear any trees that fell during the winter, remove branches, leaf blow, and wait for the mud to dry.  All of that requires substantial volunteer manpower!  Be on the lookout for volunteer workday announcements as spring inches closer.

Trail By Trail Status

Check out our full list of trails below and what the status of each is for the 2023 season. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

Last update: March 14, 2023

Brockway & Core Trails

  • Blue Trail: Snow covered
  • Bullwinkle: Snow covered
  • Cabin Life: Snow covered
  • Chipmunk Run: Snow covered
  • Copper Harbor Loop: Snow covered
  • Daisy Dukes: Snow covered
  • Dancing Bear: Snow covered
  • Danimal: Snow covered
  • Dza Beet: Snow covered
  • East Woopidy Woo: Snow covered
  • The Flow: Snow covered
  • Flying Squirrel: Snow covered
  • Garden Brook: Snow covered
  • Jim Rooks: Snow covered
  • Keweenaw Point Trail (Manganese to Mandan): Snow covered
  • Little Loon: Snow covered
  • Ma Maki: Snow covered
  • Mango: Snow covered
  • Moose on the Loose: Snow covered
  • On The Edge: Snow covered
  • Overflow: Snow covered
  • Paul's Plunge: Snow covered
  • Raptor Ridge: Snow covered
  • Red Trail: Snow covered
  • Say Hello: Snow covered
  • Snowshoe Trail: Snow covered
  • Simeh: Snow covered
  • West Woopidy Woo: Snow covered

East Bluff & Tiplands

  • Bluejay Picnic: Snow covered
  • Citrus Tech: Snow covered
  • Flo'Rion: Snow covered
  • Highlands: Snow covered
  • Keweenaw Point Trail (East Bluff to Mandan): Snow covered
  • Keweenaw Point Trail (Mandan to High Rock Bay): Snow covered
  • Magic Carpet: Snow covered
  • Summer School: Snow covered
  • Weathertop: Snow covered
  • Whipsaw: Snow covered

Hiking Trails

  • Stairway to Heaven: Snow covered
  • Der We Went: Snow covered
  • Here We Go: Snow covered
  • MNA Hiking Trail: Snow covered

Access updates

Flying Squirrel and Danimal are open! After many months of negotiations, the KML purchased Keweenaw County's property on Brockway Mountain. This allowed CHTC to reopen our popular jump trails. A trail easement has been placed over the entirety of our network on this property, totaling over 12 miles.

An agreement with Grant Township has been completed, allowing us to reopen Overflow! The lower portion of The Flow and the entirety of Daisy Dukes are also covered under this agreement.  We appreciate everyone's help and especially the Grant Township Board for seeing this to completion.

Stairway to Heaven, Der We Went, and Here We Go are now hiking only at the request of the private landowner in this area. Please respect their wishes and do not bike on these trails.

Downtown is closed to all users until further notice at the wishes of a separate private landowner.


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