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Trail Status

Current Trail Status: Closed until Late-May

Our trails are currently unavailable for mountain biking. We are waiting for the snow to melt and mud to dry. Come help clear trails at a volunteer workday! Please do not ride our trails until the go-ahead has been given or you will damage our trails and have a bad time. 

Snow blankets part of The Flow trail in early-May 2022Our trails are generally very resilient to damage. Chalk it up to all the rock that makes them so challenging! However, the one time of year we're unable to have people on the trails is the spring. Not only is there still snow on many parts of our trails, the trail surface has turned to mud. Until the mud dries, please do not ride! Repairing this damage is time consuming and expensive, not to mention not a fun experience for you.

We anticipate our 2022 trail opening to be in late-May, just before our Ride the Keweenaw event over Memorial Day weekend. It's not the first time we've cut it close! Stay tuned and check back to this page for additional updates.

Spring Volunteer Workdays

Each year we must clear our trails of winter debris before we can reopen. This entails walking every inch of trail with chainsaws, removing downed trees and large limbs. We then leaf blow all 40 miles of our system, a time consuming process that requires a lot of manpower! If you are up to the task, we could use your help. Volunteer workdays have been scheduled for the following dates:

Saturday, May 14th from 10 AM - 2 PM.  Excellent progress was made, come out for the next one below!

Sunday, May 22 from 10 AM - 2 PM (no rain date, we'll cancel if it's a downpour or snow storm)

Plan to meet at the Trails End Campground just west of Copper Harbor on M-26. If you have tools, please bring them. In particular, we need chainsaws and leaf blowers. Loppers, hand saws, and rakes are helpful to an extent as well.  CHTC has some gear to lend out but not enough for everyone. Bring gloves, a snack, water, and anything else you may need for a rugged day on the trails. Thanks! For questions, please contact

Access updates

Flying Squirrel and Danimal are open! After many months of negotiations, the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge purchased Keweenaw County's property on Brockway Mountain. This allowed CHTC to reopen our popular jump trails. A trail easement has been placed over the entirety of our network on this property, totaling over 12 miles.

An agreement with Grant Township is nearing completion. This will allow us to fully reopen Overflow this year. Be on the lookout for more information soon!

Stairway to Heaven, Der We Went, and Here We Go are now hiking only at the request of the private landowner in this area. Please respect their wishes and do not bike on these trails.

Downtown is closed to all users until further notice at the wishes of a separate private landowner.

Last update: May 16, 2022

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