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Copper Harbor - IMBA Silver Level Ride Center

Trails are open for hiking, mountain biking, and trail running until November 15th for regular firearm deer hunting season. Expect late-season conditions with plenty of wet leaves, downed trees, mud, and snow.

Fall colors on Danimal drop2019 Trail Updates: After seeing a surprise addition last fall, the original Danimal has been completely reworked to make it wider, safer, and more fun.  Jump lips and landings have all being rebuilt.  Other than sharing the original corridor, this is an entirely new trail.  However, heavy fall rains damaged the trail and forced us to close Danimal until it can be repaired in the spring.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Trail work continues on West Woopidy Woo, which saw a complete rework in 2019.  Gone are the slippery and often-broken bridges in the Garden Brook valley, soon to be replaced by solid structures built to stand up against the harshest of elements. The trail is wider, flowier, and tons more fun, with drops and tight berms littering this once ho-hum trail.  West Woopidy is OPEN, however there are temporary bridges in place that should be ridden very carefully.  Permanent bridges will be completed in the spring of 2020.

The Flow saw a brief but productive rework that cleaned up some chunky stretches and rebuilt nearly every berm to make the trail fun to ride again.  No more boulders in the corners making it tough to ride! The Flow is back to its former glory and will continue to serve users for many years.

We are proud to unveil the Back 9 Trails at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge.  These new easy trails were built upon the old XC ski corridors that were last used about a decade ago.  A few short reroutes were built around steep sections of trail and new dedicated signage was installed throughout to guide riders.  To connect these new trails to the greater system, the Portage Health Foundation has provided funds to construct a new trail paralleling Blue Trail, Cabin Life.  This easier intermediate trail allows riders to progress to Bullwinkle, Garden Brook, and the newly reconfigured West Woopidy Woo, all of which are solid intermediate trails available to nearly all skill levels. Cabin Life opened towards the end of the 2019 season and is accessible via the new trailhead at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge.

But wait, there's more!  Work began on Phase 1.5 of the Keweenaw Point Trail to connect the first two phases of this incredible trail and nearly eliminate the annoying ride out on Horseshoe Harbor Road. Right now about half of the trail is completed on land owned by Rock Solid Trail Contracting and is called Summer School.  Rock Solid is starting work on an entire network of trails on East Bluff, currently comprised of Summer School and Flo'Rion.  It's been a fun year and if you missed trying out our new trails, you'll just have to come back in 2020 to ride 'em all!


1.  Trails are human-powered non-motorized. We partner with a variety of land owners to operate the trails for non-motorized use. No e-bikes (please respect the agreements with our landowners).  Please don't put our and your access at risk. 

2.  The Copper Harbor Trail system contains both natural and man-made features.  While many boardwalks and bridges are relatively close to the ground, others can reach over 10' high and should be ridden with caution.

3.  Terrain changes constantly due to weather and use. Please pay attention to moisture levels because wooden features become very slippery when wet. Trails DO NOT close because of rain.

4.   Always ride in control and within your ability. If you are uncertain, please dismount and walk your bike.

5.  Due to frequent high winds in the area, you may encouter downed trees on the trail. Please proceed with caution and report any trail concerns to the Keweenaw Adventure Company or call (906) 289-4788. You can also send us a note online.


Located at the northern tip of Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula, the Copper Harbor Trails are a quintessential destination for the silent sports enthusiast. Tucked away from the commotion of everyday life, the Copper Harbor Trails provide the perfect escape, combining exhilarating singletrack with the natural beauty of the Keweenaw Peninsula.  You'll be hard-pressed to find an area that's easier to escape into than the backcountry of the Keweenaw.

The Copper Harbor Trails system provides over 37 miles of prime, scenic singletrack amid miles of untamed forestland spotted with unique geological features and overlooking Lake Superior. These trails showcase a variety of riding options including downhill tracks, flow trails, traditional cross country and technically featured trails. Trails are open to human-powered activities, including biking, hiking, trail running, bird watching, rock hounding, berry picking, photography, skiing, and snowshoeing, or really any activity powered by your own two feet.  Dogs are welcome but should be on a leash or under your direct control. There is no charge to use the trails so please help support the trails through a donation.  

Van shuttles are available on certain days to bring riders to the high points of the trail system atop Brockway Mountain and the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge.  Service is offered through the Keweenaw Adventure Company for a reasonable fee.  Our organization does not operate any shuttles and all of our core terrain is accessible via the trails or public roadways.  Nearly all trails in our system can be ridden in either direction, and uphill riders have the right-of-way.


The Copper Harbor Trails Club is committed to providing recreational opportunities year-round for those looking to get outdoors -- even during the winter months! 

Nordic & Fat Bike Trails: The trailhead for the nordic trails is located behind the Copper Harbor Welcome Center. Laminated maps are posted along the trail and personal copies can be purchased at the Gas Lite General Store.  A few kilometers of trails are maintained by local volunteers around town. They do not yet traverse our woods trails, which are too steep or narrow for grooming equipment.

Snowshoe Trails: Snowshoes may be rented from the Gas Lite General Store.

These trails are free to use. Donations are appreciated to help support the cost of grooming and maintenance. 

OTHER TRAILs to ride in the Keweenaw region 

Swedetown Trails

The Swedetown Trails, located in Calumet, MI, are comprised of fun, fast, flowing trails that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. These trails are 25 miles of smiles, containing primed singletrack for everyone from beginners to more advanced riders. Their location makes them a great stop before or after Copper Harbor.

The Swedetown trails also boast 30+ km of groomed nordic ski trail, varying from beginner to more advanced trails. These trails take advantage of the flowing landscape, creating fun and challenging trails. Swedetown also boasts a 10k network of dedicated fat bike trails and is growing every year.  The ski trails host the annual Great Bear Chase event that brings several hundred riders to the region.  Think Trails Fest, but with way more snow and a little less beer!

Maasto Hiihto & Churning Rapids Trails

Maasto Hiihto and Churning Rapids trails in Hancock, MI, are two trail systems that blend together seamlessly, creating 21 miles of singletrack trail. These winding trails rest on the hillsides of the Portage Canal, creating varied trails for a diverse riding experience. The variety of the trails coupled with the scenic views of the Portage Canal, Ruby Marsh, and quiet forests create an exceptional riding environment. Churning Rapids Trails are well marked from summer use, while Maasto Hiihto is a bit more rugged.  Many summer trails in Maasto Hiihto were destroyed by the 2018 Father's Day Flood and may be difficult to bike or hike along.

As it’s name proclaims, Maasto Hiihto (“nordic skiing” in Finnish) is home to a network of exceptional cross country ski trails. Maasto Hiihto and Churning Rapids combine to create 25 kilometers of well-groomed, scenic trails for the skiing enthusiast.  A portion og the winter trails in Maasto Hiihto were destroyed by the 2018 Father's Day Flood and remain closed.

Starting in 2016, the Copper Harbor Trails Club is partnering on an effort to groom fat bike singletrack at Churning Rapids.  Keep up to date on conditions and learn how you can support the effort at the Churning Rapids Snow Bike Trails facebook page. 

Michigan Tech and Nara Trails

The Michigan Tech and Nara trails, located in Houghton, MI, have something for everyone. Tech offers 25 miles of diverse trails including flow, jump line, dual slalom, technical, traditional XC, and wide and scenic trails. Riders can experience a little bit of everything at Michigan Tech. Day passes are required for entry and can be purchased at the trailhead.

Michigan Tech is also home to world class cross country ski trails. Including both beginner and competitive trails, this system contains 30 km of trail which flow effortlessly over Houghton’s rolling landscape. With natural water features and diverse forestry, you cannot find a mundane trail at Michigan Tech. They are typically the first to groom in the area and people are often out riding on as little as a few inches of base. Their trails are that good.

Adventure Mine Trails

Adventure Mine in Greenland has approximately 6 miles of biking and hiking trails around the mine site. These challenging, hand-built trails weave around many of the old mine building foundations, and historic pits on the site. Trails are open year round, except for the underground portion which is only available during the Experience the Keweenaw group ride, the Miner's Revenge Bike Race, and other special occassions.

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