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2023 ArtBike Posters

Check out our 2023 ArtBike posters below! 14 talented artists made us a wide variety of unique, limited edition prints to raise money for our trails.  They'll be available at events throughout the summer months and any leftovers we have will go on sale online later in the fall.  Get yours if you see them because you never know when they'll be gone for good!

Daisy Dukes - Jackie Johnson 


GardeN Brook - Erin Johnson & Elsa Mugford

Mango - Abbi Genter


Overflow - Madelyn Dorn


Raptor Ridge - Lena Maude


Summer School - Tim Morley


Woopidy Woo - Amanda Manders


Citrus Tech - Chris Schmidt


Flo'Rion - Fish Conklin


Highlands - Jen Parise


On The Edge - Jeff Squires

Keweenaw Point Trail - Alexandria Strong


Red Trail - Haley Goodreau


The Flow - Benjamin Guettler


Trails Fest 2023 - Chris Schmidt

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