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The Copper Harbor Trails Club is a volunteer and member driven non-profit organization.  We rely on the support of those in our community to do what we do.  There's no deep-pocketed benefactor or governmental initiative paying our way.  Everything we do, from the kick-ass trails to the exciting events, is thanks in part to people like you who step up and support our work.  We couldn't do it without you!

How exactly does your membership help the Copper Harbor Trails?  Here are a few ways that your membership is making an immediate difference:

  1. Build and maintain top-notch non-motorized, human-powered trails.  Great trails don't come cheap, and we're fotunate to have a loyal following that supports their construction every year.  Are you one of them?
  2. Advocate for the public access to our shared natural resources.  Building new trails is important, but protecting access to those that we've already established is just as critical.  We fight to maintain public access for all outdoor enthusiasts in Copper Harbor.
  3. Keep our wild, undeveloped landscape intact.  The Keweenaw is a special place due in large part to its expansive, rugged character.  Roads are few and development isolated.  We're working with regional partners to keep our forests from being divided or our shorelines locked away.  After all, that's what makes our trails so scenic!
  4. Host exciting races and clinics.  Experience the Keweenaw, our men's and women's clinics, Singletrack Flyers, and the Copper Harbor Trails Fest all take countless hours of organizing and staff time to pull off.  Your membership allows us to keep these popular events moving forward.
  5. Keep the lights on.  It might sound mundane, but without your membership dollars we wouldn't be able to pay for insurance, regulatory fees, and other required operational expenses.  No insurance = no trails.
  6. We're building a community.  For nearly 30 years, people have banded together in Copper Harbor to support the once-crazy idea that we'd someday become an epic trail destination.  Many of those early pioneers are still around fighting the good fight, and every year we welcome new members into our fold who share a passion for what we've created.  Together we can continue this awesome journey to improve not only our trails, but the Copper Harbor community as well.

Our awesome trails would not be possible without your love and support.  Thank you for becoming a member or renewing your membership with the Copper Harbor Trails Club!  CHTC members will receive special deals on events and on products and services from participating businesses.  Check out our 2021 Membership Perks to see what our local business partners are offering to our loyal members!

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