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Copper HarborWomen's WeekendSponsored by Liv


The Best Dang Women's Clinic in the Midwest!

Registration for the 2024 clinic Opens March 4th at 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

A weekend of learning, camaraderie, and above all else, FUN!  The Copper Harbor Women's Weekend Sponsored by Liv clinic brings together fantastic coaches and eager riders for one of the premier women's clinics in the Midwest.  Not only do you get to ride the awesome trails in and around Copper Harbor, you get to do so with some seriously high-powered professional coaching talent. This clinic is dedicated to women supporting women, empowering them to excel, one incredible weekend at a time.

The Women's Weekend Clinic is open to women of all shapes, sizes, colors, faith, background, orientation, age (over 18), or skill level. If you identify yourself as a woman mountain bike rider, this clinic is for you!  From those just getting started in the sport to folks who have been riding for years and need to work on a particular technique, our coaches will help take your riding to the next level. Participants will be assigned coaches depending on their skill level and interests.  Some groups will focus on the basics to ensure you can get up and down the trail safely and efficiently, while others will take on tougher obstacles that only Copper Harbor can offer. Throughout the weekend, everyone will get confidence building how-to's from coaches who have been in your shoes and experienced the same challenges we all face on the trail.  We're not kidding: some of our coaches were once participants too! Later in the weekend you'll have the chance to choose a special ride to focus on, including tackling the expert-level Red Trail or going for a scenic ride out on the Keweenaw Point Trail.

What kind of bike should you bring? The bike you're most comfortable with! Just about any decent bike with front suspension from the past several years will be more than enough to take on the vast majority of the Copper Harbor trails. Your hardtail will do just fine for nearly all activities. Full suspension bikes are a bonus but not required - don't feel like you have to upgrade to attend. Helmets are a must! Pads are optional but never hurt if you've got 'em. If you are deciding on pedals, go flat as this will help advance your skills faster. Perhaps the most important piece of gear for your bike you can invest in is a dropper post.  If you do not have one yet, strongly consider upgrading to speed up your downhill transitions, stability, and all around comfort on the bike.  At minimum, a quick release adjustable seat post is a must.  Don't be that guy who needs five minutes before every hill to adjust your seat because we will leave you behind.

Shuttles: We're adding shuttles at East Bluff for 2024!  The East Bluff Bike Park shuttle is a big rig that every group will get to ride at least once, saving a trip up one of Copper Harbor's biggest hills.  We won't be using the shuttles to crush loads of laps because we'll have 80+ participants, coaches, and photographers all sharing one rig.  Trips will be scheduled and all groups will get a chance to ride.  

E-Bikes: For 2024 we are welcoming Class 1 E-bikes into the clinic!  If you need an E-bike to get around or just want to save your legs some strain, feel free to bring yours along.  Depending on how many participants with E-bikes there are and their skill level, we may have dedicated E-bike groups.  Otherwise you will be placed in groups with non-E-bike users and you'll have to ride at their pace.  All skill levels of E-bike user are welcome.  Let us know if you have any questions!

Watch the weather and be prepared: we ride rain or shine. The Copper Harbor Trails don't shut down when it rains and neither will we. A little mud never hurt anyone! 

Our home base for the weekend will be Donny Kilpela Memorial Park in "downtown" Copper Harbor, immediately adjacent to the main trailhead. Morning and evening activities will take place outside in the park.  From there we'll disperse each day with our groups, whether to Trails End campground for skills & drills, the East Bluff Bike Park, or on the trail.

Clinic-related questions can be sent to Sarah Kuhl at

Registration, logistical, and trail questions can be sent to 

Fee for the weekend of events is $415 which includes 2.5 days of skills, drills, and on-trail learning; lunches on Saturday and Sunday; coffee and bakery on Sunday morning from Jamsen's; evening education sessions on Friday and social on Saturday; shuttles at East Bluff on Saturday; CHWW trail swag; and priceless memories with new and old friends.  Note: you are responsible for your own lodging, dinners, and breakfast on Sunday.



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