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2022 ArtBike Posters

Here are our current crop of ArtBike posters for 2022!  Fourteen incredible pieces were created to support our trails this year.  All are limited edition and only available as long as we have copies.  Once our limited run is sold out, we'll never reprint them.  Be sure to pick one up if you see it, because it may be your last chance.

Some posters may still be available on our online store. Check and see before they're gone!

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Raptor Ridge - Mike Lind


Whipsaw – Aaron Hautamaki


The Flow – Jeff Squires 


Summer School – Alyssa 'Howling Mad' Dupuis


Red Trail – Bryon Black

 Magic Carpet – Abbi Genter


Dancing Bear – Alexandria Strong

Overflow – Chelsea Nacker 


Keweenaw Point Trail – Jackie Johnson

Bluejay Picnic – Amanda Manders 

Danimal – Joel Wenham 

Garden Brook – Caiana Silvelet 


Flying Squirrel – Taj Mihelich

Flo'Rion – Jennifer Parise 



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